Thursday, October 28, 2010

Anthony Costanzo, OT, Boston College

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At 6'7, 308 lbs, Anthony Costanzo has a prototypical frame for an offensive tackle. While he could stand to put on a few pounds of muscle, he has long limbs and great length which will allow him to control opposing pass rushers. Costanzo is a four-year starter for Boston College and he has performed very well, being named to the All-ACC team as well as the honorable mention All-American team. He has long arms, extremely quick feet, is very agile for a man his size, and is also very smart (He is majoring in biochemistry). The one knock on Costanzo is his strength. He has not quite filled out his frame like some of the other prospects and many think he is susceptible to the power rushers of the NFL. However, strength is something that can be improved in the NFL, whereas length, intelligence and quickness cannot. These natural traits and oozing potential are what makes Costanzo my #1 Offensive Tackle Prospect. He has all the tools to become a 10-year cornerstone at left tackle for a team in the NFL, and this will help him get drafted in the top-10 come April.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Defensive Prospect of the Week: Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama

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Last year Terrence Cody received most of if not all the hype for the Alabama defensive line, but Marcell Dareus probably deserved most of it. This year, after a slow start, Dareus is showing why he is my number one rated defensive tackle. After recording 33 tackles and 6 sacks last year he has 19 tackles and 3 sacks so far this year, despite missing the first two games. Dareus should continue to rack up stats this year and it all starts with him if Alabama hopes to rebound from their loss to South Carolina and return to the National Championship.

At 6'4 306 lbs, Dareus is a full-grown man. The thing that separates Dareus from the average defensive lineman is his athletic ability. Most men 6'4, 306 lbs. are slow on their feet or clumsy, but Marcell is a fluid athlete. He is explosive and can physically dominate other lineman. His first step is extraordinary for a man his size and it will allow him to fit in at multiple positions at the next level. He has the frame to add more strength and he could add another 10-20 pounds depending on the position he would like to play in the pros. No one is a perfect prospect (except possibly AJ Green) and Dareus, like others, has his flaws. He has been very inconsistent this year and some people believe he is lazy. He also needs to continue to add strength in order to stand up to the beating he will receive every game in the NFL.

Marcell Dareus is no Ndamukong Suh or even a Gerald McCoy, but he is still the elite defensive tackle prospect in this draft. He will most likely be taken in the top 10 because of his extraordinary potential, but their is always a risk drafting defensive lineman. It will be interesting to see follow the career of Dareus.

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NFL Draft Prospect Rankings (10-25-10)

Here are my NFL Draft Rankings as of 10-25-10. They will be updated periodically and more prospect profiles will be added.

1. Andrew Luck, Stanford
2. Jake Locker, Washington
3. Ryan Mallet, Arkansas
4. Christian Ponder, Florida St.
5. Blaine Gabbert, Missouri

Running backs

1. Mark Ingram, Alabama
2. Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech
3. DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma
4. LaMichael James, Oregon (Not Draft Eligible)
5. John Clay, Wisconsin

Wide Receivers

1. AJ Green, Georgia
2. Julio Jones, Alabama
3. Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma
4. Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma St.
5. Michael Floyd, Notre Dame
6. Jonathan Baldwin, Pittsburg
7. Ronald Johnson, USC
8. Austin Pettis, Boise St.
9. Jeremy Kurley, TCU
10. Titus Young, Boise St.

Tight Ends

1. Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame
2. Lance Kendricks, Wisconsin
3. Weslye Saunders, South Carolina
4. Luke Stocker, Tennessee
5. D.J. Williams,  Arkansas

Offensive Tackles

1. Anthony Costanzo, Boston College
2. Nate Solder, Colorado
3. Derek Sherrod, Mississippi
4. Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin

5. Tyron Smith, USC
6. Demarcus Love, Arkansas
7. Matt Reynolds, BYU

Guards and Centers

1. Stefen Wisniewski, Penn St.
2. John Moffit, Wisconsin
3. Mike Pouncey, Florida
4. Marcus Cannon, TCU
5. Rodney Hudson, Florida St.

Defensive Ends

1. Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson
2. Robert Quinn, North Carolina 
3. Adrian Clayborn, Iowa
4. Allen Bailey, Miami
5. Cameron Heyward, Ohio St.
6. Cameron Jordan, California
7. Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue
8. Aldon Smith, Missouri
9. Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma

Defensive Tackles

1. Marcell Dareus, Alabama
2. Nick Fairley, AuburnMarvin a
3. Stephen Paea, Oregon St.
4. Marvin Austin, North Carolin
5. Drake Nevis, LSU


1. Akeem Ayers, UCLA
2. Travis Lewis, Oklahoma
3. Bruce Carter, North Carolina
4. Quan Sturdivant, North Carolina
5. Jeremy Houston, Georgia
6. Von Miller, Texas A&M
7. Dont'a Hightower, Alabama
8. Greg Jones, Michigan St.


1. Patrick Peterson, LSU
2. Prince Amukamara, Nebraska
3. Brandon Harris, Miami
4. Aaron Williams, Texas
5. Janoris Jenkins, Florida
6. Brandon Burton, Utah
7. Rashad Carmichael, Virginia Tech


1. Rahim Moore, UCLA
2. DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson
3. Deunta Williams, North Carolina
4. Tejay Johnson, TCU
5. Mark Barron, Alabama
6. Jeron Johnson, Boise St.
7. Robert Sands, West Virginia

These are most of the main prospects at each position. I don't claim to be Todd McShay or Mel Kiper Jr, and I am not familiar with every single prospect that will be drafted. However, if you have a question about a certain prospect not listed just let me know, and I will research him.

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Favre and Romo Both Injured

The last few hours has brought bad news for the fans of the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings. After an MRI this morning, it has been confirmed that Brett Favre has two fractures in his ankle and is walking in a boot. He is in danger of ending his consecutive start streak and possibly more. It looks like it may be time for Favre to hang it up. For the Cowboys, Tony Romo has fractured his left clavicle in the game tonight against the Giants. The projected recovery time is 8-12 weeks, so Romo will likely miss the rest of the season. Combine this injury, which means Jon Kitna will be the starter, with the fact that the Cowboys started the season 1-4, and it looks as if the Cowboy's season is all but over. Both the Vikings and Cowboys are in trouble for the season. The Vikings are arguably in a better situation due to Adrian Peterson and a strong defense, but it is not looking good for either team.

Offensive Prospect of the Week: Jake Locker, QB, Washington

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After his junior season at Washington Jake Locker had a choice, enter the NFL Draft or return to school to try and lead the Huskies to a national championship. Locker choose to stay in school. Entering the 2010 College Football season, Jake Locker was nearly the consensus number one quarterback prospect. His size, athletic ability, and passing skills had wowed the entire country and everyone was caught up in the Jake Locker hype. The Huskies were poised for their best season ever and Locker was set to become the number one pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. Then the season began. Washington has stumbled to a 3-4 start to the season, including an embarrassing 56-21 loss to Nebraska. Locker has been heavily criticized for not being able to lead the Huskies to victory; however, despite the criticism, barring the Nebraska game, Locker has not played that poorly. He has thrown for 1614 yards and 14 touchdowns (Only 4 INT), while at the same time rushing for 253 yards and 3 touchdowns.

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At 6'3, 230lbs Locker has ideal size for a QB, but it is not his size that makes Locker stand out. Locker is a special athlete. He was selected in the 10th round of the MLB Draft by the Los Angeles Angels, and is rumored to throw in the mid-to-high nineties on his fastball. He also claims to run in the 4.4, 4.5 range in the 40-yard dash. He possesses excellent quickness and agility for a quarterback his size. Physically their is nothing wrong with Locker, he has excellent arm strength and and fairly impressive accuracy. He also has rather advanced footwork and mechanics for a college quarterback. The only thing holding Locker back is himself. He tends to be a streaky passer, displayed by his awful 4-20 passing performance against Nebraska. Also, he often trusts his arm strength too much and tries to force throws. However, he has to attempt to make plays because he is the heart and soul of the Washington offense. Locker has a lot of weight on his shoulders. He received a tremendous amount of hype leading up to the 2011 season, and he has not delivered on that hype. However, he is still a very gifted quarterback. He has the size, speed, strength, and passing ability to succeed at the next level. A good coach can help him with his inconsistent passing and a better team will allow him to quit forcing things. Locker is almost underrated now, with the emergence of Andrew Luck and Ryan Mallet and come draft time Locker will hear his name called in the first round, possibly the top 10.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finally a "Good Samaritan"

ESPN's Andy Katz broke a story today about Pittsburg's basketball coach, Jamie Dixon, helping people out after their car crashed on the highway saturday night. A car had flipped over and the passengers were trapped inside. Dixon pulled over and helped the passengers reach safety, injuring his hands in the process. The state trooper on the scene called Dixon a "good samaritan".

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To me this is an awesome story. With all the negative press surrounding pro athletes regarding their stupid decisions, with all the negative press around coaches cheating (Bruce Pearl, Jim Calhoun), and with all the press about agents illegally talking to collegiate athletes, it is refreshing to hear a story about a public sports figure doing it the right way. Dixon has been a successful coach since he has come to Pittsburg, always putting the Panthers in contention for a Big East title, this year being no different, and it is awesome to see him displaying good character also. Dixon could have easily drove by the scene like everyone else, but he took the time out of his surely busy day to help some people in need. This is the kind of example that needs to be set by more athletes and coaches. Their ability to influence others is so great that if they set a positive example many people will learn from them. However, if they set a poor example people will still be watching. Athletes and Coaches have a lot of responsibility whether they like it or not, and it is awesome to finally see one of them doing the right thing. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Offensive Prospect of the Week: Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

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AJ Green  may be my top-rated wide receiver but Julio Jones is not far behind. Julio at 6'4, 220lbs. may be even more physically impressive than Green. He has all the physical tools to be a dominant, #1 target. After being a top recruit out of high school Jones exploded onto the college scene his freshmen year. He had 58 catches for 924 yards and 4 touchdowns. However, since then he been plagued by injury and ineffectiveness. He has all the tools to succeed but for some reason he has struggled to put it all together. As mentioned before he has elite size. His speed is good to very good. He is projected to run around a 4.44 forty, but he is a long strider and his speed will not jump off the screen at you. He has great hands and will make the spectacular catch. The thing that separates Green from him though is route running. Although Green is not an elite route runner either, Green has the ability to explode and separate out of his cuts, unlike Jones. Jones seems to struggle coming in and out of his breaks, something that could affect him more at the next level. Julio is still likely to be a first rounder due to his potential, and with a little work he can still be a great player in the NFL.

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Defensive Prospect of the Week: Adrian Clayborn, DE, IOWA

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At 6'3 285 lbs. Adrian Clayborn is a true man. He possesses the physical size and strength to simply dominate his opponents. This allows him to control the line of scrimmage, holding his own against the run while generating a solid pass rush at the same time. He is consistently in the backfield of the opponent. On top of his superior strength and size, Clayborn also possesses a remarkably high-motor for a man his size. He rarely takes a play off, and is active throughout the game. He will be a three-down player in the NFL. Clayborn also has great technique. He has a large repertoire of pass-rushing moves and uses his hands very well. He is very advanced or a college lineman and you can tell he is well coached. Clayborn is everything you could want in a defensive lineman prospect. He was arrested due to an assault charge but nothing ever came of it. Adrian is off to a rather slow start this year, recording only two sacks through six games (compared to 11 last year), but this is likely due largely to the fact that he is facing constant double teams and increased attention. It will be interesting to see how he finishes out the season, and how that will effect his draft status. Right now he is a first round lock, and with a strong finish to the season and a solid combine, he will likely be drafted in the top ten.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LeBron Reveals Tweets of Anger

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According to ESPN, LeBron James has recently revealed some tweets that were sent to him shortly after his decision to join the Miami Heat. These tweets are awful, and they are really a disgrace to sports fans all over the world. LeBron is insulted racially among other things. It is really sad that fans would write such things to a human being over a sports game. Fans need to remember that athletes are humans too and no matter what they do in the small world of sports, they do not deserve to be treated so terribly. This reminds me of the Nick Collins fight, where Collins was insulted racially simply because of his play on the field. Fans need to step back, realize that life is bigger than sports, and grow up. This is a sad story. Check out LeBron's Twitter

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's Next? Two-Hand Touch?

According to ESPN, the NFL will now be suspending players for "devastating hits" and "head shots". This new rule comes in response to some truly terrible hits over the weekend. It is awful to see people get nailed in the head during a game. It is terrible when players miss games due to concussion, and may end up sustaining brain damage, and it is the absolute worst when a player is paralyzed from a hit in a football game. However, to begin suspending people for tackling someone too hard is dangerous for the NFL. This will result in players slowing up, which is potentially more dangerous than hitting hard in the first place. It will also greatly reduce the quality of play. Getting hit is part of the game of football and if players are not allowed to hit, it gives even more advantage to the already favored offenses in the NFL. Receivers will be free to run over the middle, running backs will no longer fear the hard-hitting linebackers. Most players in the NFL are not intentionally trying to hurt themselves and others. The sad fact is that when you play a game where you run full force into other human beings, sometimes people are going to get hurt. To suspend players for hits that are most likely accidental is turning the NFL into something it should not be. What's Next? Two-Hand Touch?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins will Report to Teams

According to ESPN, two holdouts to this point, Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins, have decided to report to their teams. They have been told that in order to be eligible for unrestricted free agency after this season, they must join their teams. Jackson must join by Oct. 31 and Mankins by Nov. 16. The reason for these players holdout is the uncapped year. Both were due to be unrestricted free agents after the 2009 season, but due to the uncapped year they remained restricted free agents. This angered both of them and they decided to holdout for the deal they wanted. Neither player received the deal they coveted, so they continued their holdout. Now, both players must return in order to insure they can get the deal they want this offseason. I feel for Jackson and Mankins in this situation, but I do not agree with them missing most of the season. I realize they did not receive as much money as they were looking for, but to hold out for this long reveals that they do not really care for their team. This is another example of players putting other things before their team.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Offensive Prospect of the Week: Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

My previous two prospects of the week, AJ Green and Andrew Luck, are the top prospects at the wide receiver and quarterback positions respectively, so it is time to preview the top running back prospect, Mark Ingram. Mark Ingram, the defending Heisman Trophy winner and star running back for the Alabama Crimson Tide, is a dominant college football player. Last year he rushed 271 times for 1658 yards, good for a 6.1 yards per carry average. He also scored 17 times. This year he has 56 carries for 396 yards (7.1 ypc) and 6 touchdowns. He has received less carries due to injury and the emergence of Trent Richardson, Alabama's other running back, but he has been very dominant when he has received carries. He checks in at 5'10, 215 lbs., but he looks and plays more like 225. He is a bull when he runs the ball and he rarely goes down after first contact. His vision and instinct are elite, and his balance is very impressive also. His strength is also unmatched at the running back position, and he is a load to bring down. The only thing preventing Ingram from being a once-in-a-lifetime prospect is his speed.  He lacks elite top-end speed, but will probably still run in the 4.45-4.50 range. This speed does not hurt him, but it is not elite like his other traits. Ingram, a junior, will be drafted in the first round if he declares, and he could sneak into the top 10 if a team covets a running back. The only thing that could knock Ingram down in the draft is if he runs in the 4.6 range and begins to draw comparison to Ron Dayne.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nike Buys Rights to NFL Apparel-Spells possible lockout?

Nike Pro Combat Jersey
According to Profootball Talk, starting in 2012 all NFL apparel will be made my Nike and not Reebok. This is a huge deal as Nike will now be able to put their logo on all NFL gear, which is a stark contrast to before when players who wore anything but Reebok were fined. Nike provides all the new gear to the NFL for free, but they will make millions in the sale of all the NFL apparel to fans, jerseys, gloves, jackets, hats, etc. This will most likely lead to new looking NFL jerseys, similar to to Pro Combat uniforms released in college football this year. The rights to NFL apparel is a gigantic investment for Nike, and it begs the question as to why Reebok would let the rights go so easily. One possible reason is that Reebok believes a lockout is coming and they did not want to invest so much in a league that will not be functioning for a whole year. Another reason is that Nike simply bid an absurd amount to lock in this contract, which could also spell bad news for the NFL. If the players see how much money the NFL is really making, they may become even more unhappy, leading to a lockout. It will be interesting to monitor this story and see if it contributes to a possible lockout.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Owner of Winless San Francisco 49ers Says Team Will Win Division!

According to ESPN, Jed York, owner of the San Francisco 49ers, told ESPN via a text message that the 49ers will win the division. The 49ers are currently 0-5 on the season, and they have failed miserably in meeting the high expectations that were put on them. Granted the NFC west is a very weak division, but to say that an 0-5 team will come back and win it is absurd. The 49ers have yet to show they can put a full game together, offense, defense, and special teams. Right now they need to focus on one-win, not winning the division. I hope this is a motivational move to show that he still believes in Mike Singletary and the team because otherwise this may be categorized with Dan Gilbert's Letter, under stupid things done by owners. I know it is entertaining when Mark Cuban says dumb things and gets fined for it, but most owners need to avoid talking to the media and making bold predictions. We get it, every owner thinks their team is the greatest, but in reality it's just not true.

The Detroit Lions-Finally a Glimpse of Hope

For the past decade, the Detroit Lions have been the laughing stock of the National Football League.  Since 2001 the Lions have posted a 33-111 record. That is good for a winning percentage of 29.7%. Of course, they also posted the infamous 0-16 season, a feat likely to go unmatched for a long time. Not only have they lost, they have been beaten badly, being outscored by 1225 points. If you do the math, you discover that over the last nine years the Lions have been outscored by 136 points per season. The Lions have been destroyed on the field for the past nine years. In addition to being easily defeated on the field, the Lions have been the butt of many jokes for their off the field activities. The famous general manager, Matt Millen, was to blame for many of these. He drafted a wide receiver in the first round for three straight drafts, when a team was desperate for talent at all positions. Millen failed on nearly all his draft picks and of the 39 players he selected, 1 remains with the Lions today (Calvin Johnson). The management of Matt Millen cost the Lions five years that they will never get back. The Lions of the past nine years have gone through very hard times. They were awful both on the field and off it, and the city of Detroit was going through a hard time also. With the automobile business hurting and the economy plummeting, supporting the Lions was the last thing on many fan's minds. The Lions had trouble selling out Ford Field, their new stadium, and faced many area blackouts. Things could not have gotten much worse for the Lions, but then the Lions received a glimmer of hope.

In 2008, Martin Mayhew was promoted to the position of general manager for the Lions. Since that time he has begun to build the Lions back into a respectable team. He has drafted potential stars in Matthew Stafford, Jahvid Best, Brandon Pettigrew, Deandre Levy, Louis Delmas, and of course Ndamukong Suh. He has also made some other key moves to acquire Corey Williams, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Chris Houston, and Alphonso Smith. These players may not be elite, but they are definite upgrades over the Lion's players of the past. Detroit started off the 2010 season with four straight losses, after losing their quarterback, Stafford, to injury in the opener. Three of the four were close games, that the Lions could have won. One of these games, the opener against the bears, should have been a win, but was not due to this. It looked as if the season was going to resemble the Lions of old, but enter week 5. The Lions absolutely disassembled the St. Louis Rams, dominating all aspects of the game for a 44-6 victory. With Matthew Stafford returning soon, and the young talent of the Lions finally beginning to mesh, things are finally looking up in Detroit. It has been a long time, and the fans, players, and coaches definitely deserve it. Congrats Detroit and Good Luck!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Terrell Owens Tweets Before Game-Breaks NFL Rules

According to, Terrell Owens has violated NFL rules by updating his twitter account or "tweeting" during the no tweet period that begins 90 minutes prior to game time. Owens updated his account to tell fans that he would be giving out a jersey during the game. The tweet seemed innocent enough, but why did T.O. have to wait until an hour before game time to make this tweet? As an athlete myself, I like to think that professional athletes would be focused on playing that close to the beginning of a game, but this is further evidence to the fact that athletes are more concerned with entertainment and image than winning. The sad thing is that Chad Ochocinco, Owen's teammate and soon-to-be co-star on the new show T.Ocho, was fined $25,000 for the exact same crime, tweeting before a game. Twitter can be a very useful tool, and I have actually started a twitter account for my blog, but their is a time when twitter should not be used, and at work is one of those times. If T.O. cares more about tweeting than concentrating on the game that is fine, but playing football is also his job, and he should be disciplined heavily for using twitter at work. It is sad that a professional football player has to be disciplined for using twitter right before a game, but the NFL needs to crack down hard on T.O. to let NFL players know that football comes before entertainment.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Denard Robinson-The Birth of a Legend

Denard Robinson. Before the 2010 season of college football began, the name was known only to loyal Michigan Wolverine fans and the residents of Deerfield Beach, FL, his hometown. Now, entering week six of the season, Denard Robinson has become a household name. He has electrified the college football world, using his phenomenal speed, vision, and quickness to dominate opposing defenses. He is averaging an amazing 181 yards rushing per game and 383 total yards per game. He is completing nearly 70% of his passes (69.8) and has thrown for over 1,000 yards, but it is his ability in the running game that makes him stand out. Through five games he has recorded 905 yards on only 98 carries for an unheard of 9.2 ypc. He also has 15 touchdowns (8 rushing, 7 passing). Robinson has come out of nowhere, and he is now the leading candidate for the coveted Heisman trophy. This sudden emergence begs the questions, where did Denard Robinson come from?

Robinson attended high school at Deerfield Beach High School. He threw for 4,784 yards in high school and 44 touchdowns, while rushing for 1,132 yards and 13 touchdowns. He was rated as only a four-star prospect by rivals and scout prep rankings, due to his lack of a true position, but he was rated very highly on his pure athleticism. He was the 8th rated athlete by and ESPN, while Rivals rated him 14th. Everyone knew Robinson possessed great athletic skill, but Rich Rodriguez must have seen something in the 6'0, 193 pound Robinson that he thought he could mold into a star quarterback. Denard has become just that, a star quarterback. He has instantly transformed the Michigan offense into a big-play, multi-threat unit. He still has a few things to work on, such as his throwing accuracy and ability to read coverage, but his raw talent is unmatched.

Denard has proved his merit in college football this year but can he succeed in the NFL in a few years? Robinson will run into the same problem transitioning from college to the NFL as he did high school to college: position. Robinson, at 6 feet tall, is on the short side for an NFL quarterback, and his pass accuracy is not up to NFL standards. He has two years to improve, but his best chance of succeeding in the NFL may be at running back. If Denard can add 15 pounds of muscle in his last two years at Michigan, he could be a first-round pick at running back. He has amazing speed (4.32 40 yard dash), and his vision and quickness are nearly unmatched. An athlete like Mr. Robinson has a spot in the NFL, but as of now, it remains to be seen where it will be. For now, let's enjoy the show that Denard is giving us.

Week 6 College Football Predictions

After going 4/5 in my picks last week, I am back this week with my predictions for what I believe are the most important five games this week.

1. #17 Michigan State at  #18 Michigan
This year the battle for the state of Michigan pits two undefeated and highly ranked teams against each other. Michigan State pulled off the upset against Wisconsin last week, and they will be looking to ruin another teams's undefeated season this week. Their surprisingly stingy defense, and effective offense could present Michigan with problems. Michigan has the most electric player in the country in Denard Robinson, but their defense has proven vulnerable. Hopefully Michigan State won't ruin my perfect week two weeks in a row, as I predict Michigan to win in a close one.
Prediction: Michigan: 35 MSU: 27

2. #1 Alabama at #19 South Carolina
The Crimson Tide are riding high after the beating they laid on Florida last week, and they should continue their winning ways this week. South Carolina has had two weeks to prepare for Bama, but their simply is not time enough to prepare for the talent of the Tide. Marcus Lattimore and a stout defense could be enough to keep the game close in the first half, but the second half will belong to Mark Ingram and the tide. Look for Bama to win by over twenty again. Roll Tide!
Prediction: BAMA: 31 SC: 10

3. #12 LSU at #14 Florida
LSU is once again off to an undefeated record to begin the season despite their less than elite talent. That should change this week as they face off against a Florida team that should be fired up after getting hammered last week against Alabama. LSU has a top-notch defense, but their offense is nothing to get excited about. Florida's defense should allow less than 10 points, and their offense should be able to break at least one touchdown. I'll take Florida in a low-scoring, ugly game.
Prediction: Florida: 14 LSU: 9

4. #23 Florida State at #13 Miami (FL)
The rivalry between Florida State and Miami has always been an interesting one, and this year should be no different. Christian Ponder looks to lead the Seminoles to a victory against Jacory Harris and the Hurricanes. Both defenses should come to play, and the game should come down to which quarterback can make more explosive plays and less mistakes. I think Jacory Harris is due for a strong game, and he will lead Miami to a victory in a tight, hard-fought game.
Prediction: Miami: 28 FSU: 24

5. USC at #16 Stanford
Last year Stanford destroyed USC in a game that should have left a bitter taste in the mouths of the USC players. This year we will see how much heart the Trojans really have. For once, Stanford may have more talent than USC, and they are definitely the favorites. I expect USC to come out fired up for this one, but they won't have quite enough to knock off Stanford, led by star quarterback, Andrew Luck.
Prediction: Stanford: 31 USC: 21

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shawne Merriman on the trade block, potential cut

According to Yahoo Sports, former pro-bowl linebacker, Shawne Merriman, is on the trade block and could potentially be cut if he's not traded. Merriman, a former first round draft pick, posted 39.5 sacks in his first three seasons in the league, but has posted only four in the three years since then. He has been suffering from a strained calf and sore achilles tendon this year, and it appears as if the Chargers are sick of waiting for him to return to his pro-bowl form. The Chargers will likely see if Merriman has any trade value left, before deciding whether or not to release him. The Green Bay Packers, a team in need of linebackers after the loss of Nick Barnett, could be a potential suitor.

Patriots attempting to acquire Vincent Jackson?

According to CSNNE, a day after trading superstar wide receiver, Randy Moss, the New England Patriots are attempting to trade for disgruntled Charger's receiver Vincent Jackson. Jackson has not set foot on the field yet this season due to a suspension and contract dispute, and it seems that the option of him playing for San Diego this season is gone. The Patriots also have a disgruntled player in tackle, Logan Mankins. An exchange of these players would seem to benefit both teams and both players. Everyone gets a fresh start and a chance to succeed. Vincent Jackson should be able to stretch the field in a similar fashion to Randy Moss to open up the field for Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez. Mankins will provide the protection that Philip Rivers needs to be effective. It remains to be seen if this trade will happen, but it seems reasonable enough to be true.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Defensive Prospect of the Week:Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

Last week I previewed Patrick Peterson, thought by most to be the top cornerback prospect in the draft. The guy who is putting doubt in the minds of those ranking the cornerback prospects is Prince Amukamara. Prince is a senior for the 7th ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers. His ability to lock down one side of the field has helped Nebraska field one of the better defenses in the country. Amukamara's size, though not as good as Peterson's is still elite. He is 6'1, 205 pounds, excellent size for a corner. He has plus strength, and his quick feet allow him to play tight man coverage. The Prince is better suited for man coverage, but he is a capable zone corner also. Last year he recorded 64 tackles, 2 sacks, 5 INTs, and 11 pass breakups. This year he has yet to record an interception, but he is being thrown at much less.

Prince will most likely be the second cornerback taken in the 2011 NFL Draft by a team looking for a physical, man-to-man corner. The only thing that separates him and Peterson is Peterson's slightly better size and speed, but if Prince can continue to dominate on the field he has a chance to surpass Peterson as the top cornerback prospect. You can watch Amukamara tomorrow night as Nebraska takes on Kansas State.

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MLB Playoff Predictions

Obviously I am a little late with my playoff predictions, but never fear here they come.

American League
Minnesota v. New York
Prediction: Minnesota in 4

Tampa Bay v. Texas
Prediction: Tampa Bay in 5

Minnesota v. Tampa Bay
Prediction: Tampa Bay in 6

National League
Cincinnati v. Philadelphia
Prediction: Philadelphia in 4

Atlanta v. San Francisco
Prediction: San Francisco in 4

San Francisco v. Philadelphia
Prediction: San Francisco in 7

World Series
San Francisco v. Tampa Bay
Prediction: Tampa Bay in 7

Offensive Prospect of the Week: AJ Green, WR, Georgia

AJ Green, a wide receiver for the Georgia Bulldogs, had been toGreuted by some as the best wide receiver prospect since Randy Moss came out of Marshall in 1998. Green, at 6'4 212 pounds, has the size needed for a standout, #1 receiver. He may be slightly on the skinny side, but he certainly has the frame to fill out and gain some weight. The exact speed of Green is unknown (some say 4.35, others 4.45, still others 4.5), but he is certainly fast enough to create amazing separation at the collegiate level. Despite elite size and excellent speed, Green's most outstanding traits are his body control and hands. AJ possesses unheard of ability to control his body and win jump balls. His great hands allow him to snatch the ball away from defenders, and he rarely drops a ball. If there is anything Green needs to work on it is his route running. He is so physically gifted that he creates excellent separation from defenders without running good routes, but if Green can polish off his route-running their will be no stopping him.

Green will most likely be the first wide receiver off the board come April, despite being in a strong class of receivers. In his first two seasons at Georgia he has over 100 receptions and nearly 1800 yards to go along with 14 touchdowns. Green was suspended to start the season, but he came back last week with a strong performance against Colorado (7 catches, 119 yards, and 2 TDs, 1 rush, 40 Yards). This week he will get a tougher test against Tennessee, but he should put up good numbers against every team. AJ Green is an excellent receiving prospect, and will go in the top 5 picks of the draft, hopefully not to the New England Patriots.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Randy Moss headed back to Minnesota?

According to Jay Glazer'z Twitter Randy Moss may be headed back to the Minnesota Vikings to unite with Brett Favre. Patriot's Beat Writer added that it could be for a third rounder. I am not sure why the Patriots would be interested in making this trade, especially for only a third rounder (considering Lynch garnered a 4th rounder), but the Vikings would definitely benefit from this trade. This would give them the receiver that they desperately need to create space for Adrian Peterson, and provide the aging Favre with a weapon.

Marshawn Lynch Traded to Seahawks

Jay Glazer has reported that Marshawn Lynch was traded to the Seahawks for a 4th Round pick in this years draft and a conditional pick in next years draft. This is a surprising trade, as it appeared Lynch would be headed to the Green Bay Packers. The Packers are in desperate need of a running back, after a season ending injury to Ryan Grant. They have been unimpressive in their last two games, a loss to Chicago and a narrow win over Detroit. Ted Thompson has been cautious giving up picks for potentially troubled players (Randy Moss) and that might have something to do with his inaction. Despite problems in Lynch's past, this was a trade Green Bay needed to make!

Kobe Bryant One-on-One with LeBron!

I recently stumbled upon THIS video, and I was shocked not only that Kobe Bryant would make this outrageous claim but that the writer from Yahoo would agree with him. There is absolutely no way that Kobe Bryant could beat LeBron James in a game of one-on-one basketball. LeBron James has three inches and about 60 pounds of muscle on Kobe Bryant, and in one-on-one that is all that matters! James could back Kobe in on each and every possession and then simply dunk over him. Kobe Bryant is a great player, and he would probably score on most possessions with his sick turn around or fancy finishes at the rim, but their is NO way that he would beat LeBron James, the most athletic player in the world, in a one-on-one game. It's not like LeBron James is a slow, big blob like Shaq either. He is a quick, dominant defensive force. LeBron James is the ultimate one-on-one player because he has size,quickness, and strength. Kobe has quickness and shooting ability but that does not matter in a game where jump shots are not necessary. Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, and even Chris Bosh could defeat Kobe in a game of one-on-one because they have a huge size and strength advantage. Kobe Bryant would get PUMMELED in a one-on-one with LeBron!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jared Allen's Celebration Days Over?

According to Jay Glazer of Fox and Profootballtalk, Jared Allen's days of celebrating his sacks may be over. During Jared Allen's celebration of his sacks he acts as if he is lassoing a calf. At one point during the celebration he touches his knee to the ground, which is against NFL rules. The NFL has said that not only will his celebration result in a fine, but also a fifteen yard penalty. Due more to the fifteen yard penalty  than the potential fine, this looks to be the end of Allen's celebration.

This is an odd decision passed down from the NFL. The celebration does violate NFL celebration rules because he touches his knee to the ground while roping the calf, but what has prompted this sudden crack down? Allen has been doing this celebration after every sack for a long time. Granted, it may be a stupid celebration, similar to nearly all celebrations, but why is it suddenly illegal? The NFL needs to figure out their stance on celebrations. They should either ban all celebrations, ban all celebrations except touchdown celebrations, or lighten up a little and let things like Allen's celebration go. The fact that he touches his knee to the ground does not make it any worse than a corner running all the way across the field after a simple tackle. Roger Goodell needs to decide if he wants the NFL to include celebrations or not, but approving some celebrations and banning others based on factors such as knees touching the ground is asinine.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week 5 College Football Predictions

There are quite a few good games this week between ranked teams, and those are the games I am going to make predictions for. I'll start with the games I believe will be less competitive and then move on to the close decisions.

1. The Red River Rivalry, #8 Oklahoma v. #21 Texas.
This game will not be close. Texas is coming off an embarrassing loss against UCLA and should be fired up this week to prove they aren't that bad. However, their offense has looked bland and unexplosive all year against weaker competition, and it will be tough for them to move the ball against Oklahoma. Oklahoma will score as they do against anyone and this one could get ugly.
Prediction: OU-38 TX-10

2. #17 Iowa v. #22 Penn State
Both teams have a loss this year, and don't appear to be among the elite teams; however, both teams still have the chance to win each and every week. This week Iowa will dominate Penn State. The Nittany Lions, with a freshmen quarterback, have to travel into a hostile environment at Iowa. Expect Iowa's defense to show up strong in this one and give Penn State trouble all game.
Prediction: UI-24 PSU-7

3. #1 Alabama v. #7 Florida
Alabama received a scare to their title hopes last week, but as good teams do they found a way to win a close game. In this rivalry expect Alabama to come out strong from the beginning. Alabama will dominate the lines on both sides of the football, and should establish control of the game early. The score may not get ugly, but everyone will know Alabama was in control.
Prediction: BAMA-24 Florida-10

4. #11 Wisconsin v. #24 Michigan State
Wisconsin is the trendy pick to challenge Iowa and Ohio State for the Big 10 conference title. Their defense is strong, and their running game is exceptional. Michigan State is surprising this year, and are looking to establish themselves as a true contender with a win over the Badgers. Look for a hard-fought, physical, big-ten battle.
Prediction: Wisc-28 MSU-24

5. #4 Oregon v. #9 Stanford
This should be the best game of the night. Two very, very good teams from the Pac-10 will face off. Both teams have been running over their competition with dominant offenses and strong defenses. Expect Oregon to utilize all their explosive options, and Stanford to let Andrew Luck do his thing. Despite Luck's talent, Oregon should win in a high scoring affair.
Prediction: OU-38 STAN-34

Friday, October 1, 2010

Reds smoking hot?

Apparently the Cincinnati Reds got so excited after clinching the NL Central Division and their first playoff birth in the new millennia that they forgot to follow the law. Upon clinching the title some players decided to light up cigars to celebrate. After complaints from the public, the health department was called upon to investigate. (Click here for details)

Should the players be held accountable for breaking the law and fined, or should this case be chalked up as a celebration and let go? It appears no fines will be issued or disciplinary action taken, and I agree that nothing should happen. If these were not professional athletes this story would not even exist. It is a very minor problem, and I believe that simply telling baseball teams that in the future they should not smoke cigars in the locker room will solve the problems.