Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Offensive Prospect of the Week: LaMichael James (Sophomore)

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LaMichael James has been one of the hottest names in college football over the past two seasons. Last year he set a freshmen rushing record racking up 230 carries for 1546 yards (6.7 ypc), and this year he is out to crush those stats. He is on pace for 1815 yards and 21 touchdowns. Despite playing in Oregon's dynamic offense, these numbers are still very impressive. James is very, very fast and his quickness and agility are exceptional. His ability to make people miss is as good as it gets on the college  level and his production cannot be denied. However, he is very small. He stands 5'9 and weights in around 185. James needs to put on some serious weight, while maintaining his speed in order to become a top prospect. His small stature does not mean he is not strong though. James is a very strong runner to compliment his speed and his leg drive is impressive, he simply needs to add weight so he can stand up to the beating he will receive in the NFL. He does have another year or two to do this as he is only a sophomore and he probably will not declare for the draft this year. I think he can bulk up and that is why I have him at #4 in my NFL Draft Rankings. James has the natural rushing ability that reminds me of some of the greats, and I do not believe he will let his small stature stop him. Around this time next year, people will be talking about James as a first-round draft pick. The NFL success of Chris Johnson, Jahvid Best, and Maurice Jones-Drew only help the case of James. James could lead Oregon to a national championship this season and everyone will see his exceptional ability. Next year, James will likely be my #1 rated running back.

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