Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Offensive Prospect of the Week: AJ Green, WR, Georgia

AJ Green, a wide receiver for the Georgia Bulldogs, had been toGreuted by some as the best wide receiver prospect since Randy Moss came out of Marshall in 1998. Green, at 6'4 212 pounds, has the size needed for a standout, #1 receiver. He may be slightly on the skinny side, but he certainly has the frame to fill out and gain some weight. The exact speed of Green is unknown (some say 4.35, others 4.45, still others 4.5), but he is certainly fast enough to create amazing separation at the collegiate level. Despite elite size and excellent speed, Green's most outstanding traits are his body control and hands. AJ possesses unheard of ability to control his body and win jump balls. His great hands allow him to snatch the ball away from defenders, and he rarely drops a ball. If there is anything Green needs to work on it is his route running. He is so physically gifted that he creates excellent separation from defenders without running good routes, but if Green can polish off his route-running their will be no stopping him.

Green will most likely be the first wide receiver off the board come April, despite being in a strong class of receivers. In his first two seasons at Georgia he has over 100 receptions and nearly 1800 yards to go along with 14 touchdowns. Green was suspended to start the season, but he came back last week with a strong performance against Colorado (7 catches, 119 yards, and 2 TDs, 1 rush, 40 Yards). This week he will get a tougher test against Tennessee, but he should put up good numbers against every team. AJ Green is an excellent receiving prospect, and will go in the top 5 picks of the draft, hopefully not to the New England Patriots.

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